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Welcome and Introduction


Ron Mills
Minister, Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church

Welcome to this blog! It’s my first post, and it’s taken a while to get there. I’ve resisted the temptation to use this space for posting sermons – if you want to read or listen to my sermons you can find some of them on our sermon channel: .

Instead this blog exists to let me post some reflections on ministry and life, including on my reading and on resources I find helpful in ministry. Since I’m a Presbyterian minister on the Hibiscus Coast, north of Auckland, New Zealand they will usually have some kind of connection with my current ministry setting. For information about this setting, see our parish website: . This doesn’t mean that this blog will reflect the official views of my parish, though. The views will be very much my own personal reflections on ministry and life, but hopefully they will have some wider relevance and won’t simply be a conversation with myself. I hope to post material weekly, but time will tell whether I can keep this up in the midst of the usual run of parish activities.

I also have primary responsibility for our church blog: . That blog focuses on news, events and other matters relevant to the Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church, and it will be more of an authorised voice for our parish. It is likely that, at times, the two blogs will overlap, but for the most part they will be separate.

Thanks for reading this!